Poverty is a huge barrier to an education. Some children in the Dominican Republic and Haiti cannot afford the supplies they need to succeed. This is one of many reasons 53% of Haitian children drop out before completing primary school and 40% of Dominican children drop out before the 8th grade. 

In August, One Land hopes to provide 200 book bags filled with educational supplies to students in the Dominican Republic and Haiti — but we need your help! We are accepting new and gently used book bags from anyone located in or around New York City until August 7th. To schedule a pick-up, email us: hello@one-land.org.

We are also raising money to purchase additional book bags and school supplies. Our current fundraising goal is set at $3000. If you are interested in contributing financially to One Land, every dollar will go towards our current endeavors to ensure that Dominican and Haitian children #ThriveNotSurvive. You can also donate to us directly — anything will make a big difference. Thank you!

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