One Land was created by Ashley Gonzalez and Gissela Sosa to address some of the structural and cultural barriers that prevent Haitian and Dominican children from succeeding. One Land hopes to donate school supplies, tackle food insecurity, educate others, and brighten up the lives of Haitian and Dominican youth during the holiday season.

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A Letter From Our Founders

We met in the 6th grade when we were only 11 years old in our bilingual class. Together we experienced the hardships that come with learning a new language and culture. Our friendship has been more than two middle school friends. We have motivated each other to succeed — not just for ourselves, but for our community. 11 years ago, the most we could have done to help was to send our clothes to our less fortunate family members in the Dominican Republic. As we grew older, we understood how fortunate we were compared to children in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. We became aware of how institutions can fail low income communities and trap them in cycles of poverty that they cannot escape from.

After years of feeling that we have not done enough, we have taken matters into our own hands to fight against injustice. We brought our passion and vision to life and created One Land Project- For The Future Of Our Children. It is our effort to improve the quality of life for Dominican and Haitian children by bringing joy into their lives and empowering them, through education, to break the generational cycle of poverty and oppression. It is more than just a fundraising organization. One land represents hope, relief, and freedom. For us, it’s personal. We encourage you take this personally too. 

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